We rely on our technology patents to protect our domestic business interests and ensure our position as a bamboo technology pioneer in our industry.

Patent Description App. Date Patent Number Patent Type
Mobile carbonization furnace tube 11/00 ZL00263035.4 Application
Mobile internal combustion carbonization stove 08/02 ZL02247392.0 Application
Continuous dry distillation of carbonized bamboo wood 04/03 ZL03122806.2 Invention
Bamboo & wood refining methods & equipment 04/03 ZL03108978.X Invention
Bamboo charcoal health pad 01/05 ZL20050001298.4 Application
Biomass tar containing insecticide 01/06 200610049234.0 Invention
Self activated air-deodorizing bag 06/06 ZL20062 0104639.5 Application
Method for using biomass as raw material for electrode manufacturing polarity 10/08 200810121556.0 Invention
Method for rinsing activated carbon electrodes 10/08 200810121706.8 Invention
Continuous activation of alkali material treatment 12/08 200810162825.8 Invention
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