We have led or participated in numerous scientific projects that have led to important technological breakthroughs and advances.

Item Project Description Time Period Project Level Final Status
1 Annual charcoal output of 3000 tons for supercapacitor electrode materials 12/08-12/10 National high-tech industrial project Currently being implemented
2 Bamboo carbonization technology R&D for tobacco product manufacturing 12/07-06/10 Zhejiang Province scientific agriculture project Results public as of Dec. 2010
3 Development of dry distillation of bamboo wood 06/07-05/09 IP rights transformation Already passed testing
4 High quality bamboo vinegar product development-manufacturing technology and applications 04/06-04/08 Zhejiang Prov. agricultural transformation project April 2009 organization acceptance
5 Annual bamboo charcoal output of 300 tons of supercapacitor energy storage materials 01/06-12/07 Domestic tech. cooperation & tech. achievement transformation project Passed testing in October 2007
6 Bamboo R&D for Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes 08/04-02/06 Zhejiang Prov. key scientific research project Passed testing in May 2008
7 Bamboo vinegar spontaneous combustion automation production technology 08/04-12/06 Nat’l Ministry of Agriculture Project No. 948 Passed testing in August 2008
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