3 Kinds of New Energy Vehicles Developed by Tantech Holdings Has Been Successfully Listed in the MIIT New Energy Vehicles Announcement Catalogue

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Recently, 3 kinds of new energy vehicles EV transport van ZQK5040X and EV coach ZQK6810EV, etc, which was developed by Suzhou E Motors Co., Ltd, the affiliated subsidiary of Tantech Holdings, have successfully passed the Road Motor Vehicles Manufacturing Enterprises and Products Announcement (284th new product catalogue announcement and 285th new vehicle product announcement) issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. This marks a material step towards new energy vehicles industrialization after Tantech Holdings acquired Suzhou E Motor.

The newly developed logistics vehicle is EV transport van ZQK5040X, length 5.8 meters, using ternary lithium battery as power drive and new driving motor of Nanche Times. It has a max gradeability of 20%, max speed 100k/h, mileage 350 kilometers, which totally meets the transport demand of logistics and express companies between cities and transfer stations. It has been put into test run in Hangzhou logistics companies, and was welcomed among clients for its gradeability, mileage, operability and vehicle performance. Potential orders has exceed 1000.

Another EV coach ZQK6810EV has excellent vehicle performance. Its length is 8.1 meters, using ferric phosphate lithium battery as power drive, max speed 100 k/h, mileage exceeds 250 kilometers, max busload 34 persons. It is appropriate to be used as VIP reception car in scenic spots, company commuting and airport pickup. Potential orders has exceed 500.

It is reported that the listed new energy vehicles enterprises includes BAIC Motor, SAIC Motor, FAW, BMW, BYD, Great Wall, Geely and other famous enterprises.

Mr. Wang Zhengyu, CEO of Tantech Holdings, said, our company will make use of our advantages and integrate various resources, carry out deep comprehensive cooperation using public company platform. In the future we will continue developing new vehicles and try our best to 10 new energy vehicles this year. Mr. Wang Zhengyu said, Tantech Holdings will seize the opportunity of the new energy strategy policy, grasp the opportunity of market segment, become stronger in our unique transformation and upgrading way.

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