Deputy Mayor of Lishui City Zifu Xu visited Tantech

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Recently, Deputy Mayor of Lishui City Zifu Xu visited Tantech. Tantech CEO Zhengyu Wang and others held a warm reception.

During his visit in Tantech, Mr. Xu learned the operation, R&D, market expansion and internal management practice of the company in detail. After listened to CEO Wang’s report on current operation and thoughts on strategies for the upcoming periods, he further inquired about the enterprise upgrading and develop trend. Mr. Xu totally agreed with the concept of expanding business from consumer goods to industrial products and develop high-end EDLC carbon based products.

Mr. Xu also highly appreciated the achievements of Tantech made in enterprise upgrading and capital operation. He said that Tantech is a leading new energy and new material enterprise and will continue to be the role model for all enterprises in Lishui City for its innovation and green effort.

At last, Mr Xu hoped that Tantech would keep acting as a role model for other enterprises by bringing in more talents and increasing R&D spending to enhance the development of the company.

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