Director of Discipline Inspection Sector of Labor and Social Security Bureau visits Tantech

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On the morning of November 12, 2014, Director Min Guo from Discipline Inspection Sector of Labor and Social Security Bureau of Zhejiang Province visited Tantech accompanying by Deputy Director Xiaoheng Chen from Lishui Labor and Social Security Bureau, Deputy Director Jinhua Shi from Lishui Economic Development District and others. Tantech Deputy General Manager Wangfeng Yan, Secretary Yueping Liang and CTO Zaihua Chen held a warm reception.

Director Min Guo and his fellows visited company ‘s  exhibition hall, R&D center as well as production site and held a symposium with management team to discuss company ‘s  human resource strategy. Mr Guo was pleased with Tantech ‘s  effort in recruiting, training and managing of employees, especially in recruiting and using talent people.

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