Dr. Chen Got Funding from 2013 Lishui High-level Talent Training Funding Projects

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Recently, the Lishui Science and Technology Bureau published the 2013 Lishui High-level Talent Training Funding Projects shortlist. Dr. Zaihua Chen from Tantech was successfully being selected. He will receive Category A personal project government funding of RMB 300,000 yuan.

As the CTO of the company, Dr. Chen has received multiple honors. He was nominated for Zhejiang Overseas High-level Talents Introduction Plan. The team led by him has undertaken and completed nearly 20 national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects. The Company also has participated in the development of three national scientific standards and has been awarded with the National Science and Technology Award.

Lishui city plans to fund RMB 2 million yuan project funds this year, is divided into A, B, C three categories, including class A standard is 300000 yuan, class B funding standard is 100000 yuan, and class C standard is 50000 yuan.

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