Grand Opening of Tantech’s New Office Building

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As the company and its subsidiaries rapidly grow larger, Tantech has built a new office building in its new facility in Shuige Industrial Zone. On May 28th 2013, the new office building was officially open after a period of time’s preparation. A general meeting has been held in the new multi-function room.

During the meeting, Chairman Mr. Zhengyu Wang pointed out that “China will be developing fast in the next 5 to 10 years. Urbanization and environment protection are the key point. It is a new opportunity for Tantech. The company’s Charcoal Doctor brand product is for indoor environment improvement and the EDLC carbon is used in the batteries of electric vehicle. Both are environmentally friendly. Evidence proves that Tantech is going toward the right direction.” He also reviewed the goals and plans for 2013 in detail.

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