Members from Bamboo Industry Development Training Group of ITTO Visited Tantech

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Recently, more than 30 members from Bamboo Industry Development Training Group of ITTO visited the Tantech accompanied by relevant authorities. Our vice general manager, Mr. Yan Wangfeng hospitably welcomed the guests.

Mr. Yan introduced to them that Tantech has been working on utilizing the abundant local bamboo and wood resources for the past 20 years. With constant research and innovation, Tantech has completed its industrial transformation process and was listed in NASDAQ Market last year. Tantech achieved its product upgrading from ordinary charcoal bags to barbecue charcoal and hookah charcoal, then to EDLC carbon and activated charcoal, till new energy battery and automobile. Mr. Stephen admired Tantech’s efforts and achievements, and affirmed Tantech’s important role in this industry and in promoting local economic, social and ecological sustainable development. He hopes they can learn more about bamboo manufacturing experience, knowledge and skills as well as business model in order to promote bamboo industry development in their countries.

After then, the group visited the exhibition hall. Group members showed great interest in products and took photos.

It is reported that the Training Group were constituted with members from Ethiopia, Congo Kinshasa, India, Laos, East Timor, Panama and Brazil. It was hosted by MOFCOM and organized by SFA(State Forestry Administration) bamboo researching center. Chinese Academy of Forestry, the Commerce Department and Forestry Department of Zhejiang Province provided great support.

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