NEV Industry 3-year Plan Released in Hangzhou

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On October 11, the Provincial New Energy Vehicles (NEV)Industry 3-year Plan was released in a news conference held by Zhejiang Economic and Information Commission (EIC)in Binjiang District, Hangzhou. Tantech Holdings (NASDAQ Code:TANH) attended as vice-president unit of Zhejiang Automobile Technology Innovation Association and Zhejiang NEV Industry Union. Many famous corporations such as Wanxiang Group, Geely Auto, Zotye Auto, Changjiang EV, APG, Wanma Group, Boidge, New Gonow also attended.

Ms. Sue Wang, Vice director of Zhejiang EIC and Mr. Jiang Zhou , Director of Zhejiang EIC Mechanical Department attended the conference together with other local directors of EIC. Mr. Zhou stressed that our goal in the coming year is to output more than 50 billion CNY, more than 250 thousand NEVs, and more than 5 billion Ah power batteries. In the meantime, we will foster 15 backbone enterprises and build 15 provincial key research centers.

Provincial sales value exceeds 25 billion, ranks top in China

Zhejiang Province started early in researching, developing and promoting NEVs. Currently there are 15 NEV enterprises such as Geely Auto, Zotye Auto, Youngman, Wanxiang, etc in Zhejiang. The scale of provincial NEV industry ranks top in China. There are more than 100 types of NEVs including EV, PHEV, coach and special vehicles. A complete NEV supply chain including vehicle manufacturing, key parts and basic materials researching, developing and producing, NEV operating has been formed. There are 17 key NEV enterprise researching centers now and our provincial NEV innovation capability is improving significantly. Last year, provincial NEV output reached 70 thousand, accounted for 20%in China. While sales value reached approximately 25 billion.

Amount of NEVs in use is also increasing. According to statistic, up to the end of last year, we have popularized 28663 NEVs, 91.9% of which are pure EVs, especially in national experimental cities Hangzhou, Huzhou, Shaoxing and Jinhua. Supporting facilities construction is also advancing steadily. 281 charging stations and 3472 charging spots have been built as of the end of last year.

Focus on Pure EV in Future

Hybrid Vehicles Oil Consumption 2L /100 km

“3-year plan is key developing point of NEVs, main goal is to expand industrial scale, improve core competitiveness and acquire key technologies.”said Mr. Zhou. We encourage to develop multiple technologies including pure EV, hybrid power and flue cell.

Set up NEV Industrial Fund

Mainly Support Technical Innovation and Industrialization

To ensure successful implementation of 3-year plan, we will improve connection among departments in charge of development, information, science & technology, finance, energy, and transportation ,etc, to build a linked coordination system.

As of funding, we will set up a NEV industry fund, mainly to support technology innovation and industrialization. This is the first fund in which the NEV Industry Union participated in and will invest in NEV projects.

Mr. Xianghong Bu, director of Zhejiang Automobile Technology Innovation Association, vice director of Zhejiang NEV Industry Union said that goal of the Union is to build a NEV platform and build a multiple funding mechanism which combines government investment, financial capital and private capital to ensure provincial blueprint in the next 3 years.


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