Our research and development team has created new electric batteries and power supplies relying on carbon based materials to conduct electricity.

Tantech developed three main and revolutionary battery materials

  • Super capacitor electrode carbon materials applied in our super capacitor & high power capacitor batteries.
  • Electrode materials applied in lead carbon batteries, lead-crystal storage batteries and upgraded products of lead-acid batteries.
  • Materials with Leakage-free & maintenance-free characteristics; Durable in Low Temperature Environments (Functions Well between Environment of -40°C to -20°C)

Tantech electric batteries

Our research team created EDLCs relying on carbon-based or synthetic materials to conduct electricity. EDLCs are a type of battery that are smaller but more powerful than conventional batteries of the same size. They are widely used in urban public transportation & large sanitation vehicles.

Capacitor Electrode Carbon products

We have three capacitor Electrode Carbon Products:

  • FCA
  • FCO
  • FEC

Our batteries are used in the following products

  • Electric/Hybrid electric vehicle power supply (including cars, motorcycles and golf carts)
  • Immediate high power supply; high power energy storage, electric pulse power supply
  • Renewable (solar/wind) energy storage buffer systems
  • Utility meters: Electric meter, water meter, gas meter auxiliary power supply
  • Uninterruptable power supply (“UPS”) systems, mainly for vital-use machines
  • Backup power supply systems
  • Direct current (“DC”) control power transformer and distribution stations and DC panels
  • Military maintenance systems
  • Electric toys, electric tools, automatic flashlights and other types of power systems

Battery Catalog

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