R&D Center Has been elected as high-level talents (worker model) innovation work studios

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Recently,Tantech’s R&D Center for EDLC Carbon has been elected as one of the high-level talents (work model) innovation work studios by Trade Union of Lishui City.

For recent years, Tantech has started various innovation and efficiency activities; it has established an innovation work studio lead by high-talents and work models.What ‘s more, standards that guided the work conditions, functions and achievement promotions have been implemented to enhance the development of the work studio.

In 2008, the company has recruited Dr. Chen Zaihua, who was graduated in Chiba University (Japan) as CTO and director of R&D center and established a R&D team with 40 people to in charge of the development of new product and technology. The studio aims to enhance the development of exclusive technologies, to improve the production techniques, to better serve the production site, to focus on the customer need and to lead the market direction. The effort of R&D center has achieved the industrialization of EDLC carbon production and has brought in great social and economic effect.

The work studio has received many commendations from Trade Union for brought forth an innovative way of personnel training and developed staff with high quality.

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