Tantech Attended 2013 China International New Energy Vehicle Industrial Exhibit

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During July 12th – 14th, 2013 China International New Energy Vehicle Industrial Exhibit was held in Hangzhou Peace International Conference and Exhibition Center. Tantech sent a group led by its COO Mr. Jianming Wu to attend the exhibit.

The exhibit lasted for 3 days; famous companies like Zhengzhou Yutong Bus, Toyota Motor, Dongfeng Yulon Motor also attended the big show. EDLC carbon was set up in the New Energy Product Zone. Compared to traditional batteries, EDLCs can be charged and discharged many hundreds of thousands of times without any degradation or damage. This is due to the absence of chemical reactions. Additionally, EDLCs have much shorter charge/discharge times and can operate in a much wider temperature range. Tantech brought its FCA and FCO series EDLC carbon to the exhibit.

Lots of manufacturers came to Tantech’s display area to learn about its product. Mr. Wu communicated with those people who were very interested in the product and introduced Tantech’s product to them. He also discussed related knowledge and technology with experienced technicians on site.

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