Tantech CEO delivers speech at 2016 China Concepts Stock Renaissance Forum

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On Nov. 19, Wang Zhengyu, Chairman and Chief Executive of Tantech Holdings Ltd. (TANH) (“Tantech” or the “Company”), a leading manufacturer of bamboo charcoal products, attended the 2016 China Concepts Stock Renaissance Forum (the “Forum”) in Beijing. The forum was jointly organized by People.cn, the online edition of People’s Daily and Meimei Securities, owner of U.S. broker Whitewood Group.

At the forum, enterprise leaders and investors shared their opinions about how to bring back stock value and restore investor confidence, as well as their understanding about the U.S. securities regulations. Peng Su, chief representative of New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Beijing Office, delivered a keynote address on Investment Logic and Prospect of China Concepts Stock.

Speaking the forum, Mr. Wang said that most of overseas-listed Chinese companies are undervalued and their stock prices are far short of the companies’ real value. The low valuation calls for the need of value return. Many listed Chinese enterprises, such as Tantech, are small businesses, and they have huge potential to grow assets and improve profits. As the U.S. regulations over M&As are more friendly than the Chinese counterparts, it brings a good opportunity for those who are looking at acquisitions. The regulations, along with the changing global economy and China’s supportive guidelines for various industries, will help Chinese companies grow bigger and stronger quickly.

As a leading manufacturer of low-carbon household articles in China, Tantech has been committed to the business philosophy of “low carbon and environmental protection”. By taking over Suzhou E-Motors Bus Co., a maker of electric vehicles for special needs, Tantech has diversified into the new energy automotive sector.

In the future the company will pursue a strategy of “walking on two legs”. On one hand it will seek fresh distribution channels and platforms for our charcoal products’ business to strengthen its leading position in the industry. Meanwhile, it will continue to look for merger targets with high quality in the alternative energy vehicle sector to consolidate its EDLC carbon business with new energy batteries and cars. By pursuing the strategy, Tantech aims to boost its revenue above 1 billion yuan in the near future.

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