Tantech held its year-end conference

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From November 27 to Novermber 29, 2014, Tantech held its year-end conference. The conference was hosted by CEO Zhengyu Wang, Director Yefang Zhang gave a speech, manger from each department and directors of production sites attended the meeting. The meeting discussed and analyzed the current issues of the company, and explored new thoughts and solutions for the future.

The meeting summarized the operation results for the year 2014 and discussed a series of key topics individually. 4 priorities based on the past operation and current economic conditions were made during the meeting.

The marketing department should be able to maintain current sale channels and extend new sale networks for the whole product portfolio. The department should improve its “product manager system”, which is to pick competitive products from current product portfolio and build multiple product manager teams to expand the market and achieve sale growth. Other department such as Accounting, HR and Administrative should provide necessary support to guarantee the success of marketing team.

Product Manager System is an important reform for company ‘s restructure. The whole sale team should stick to the principle of “Product Manager System”. Every product manager or regional manager should treat himself as General Manager of Production; he is responsible for the whole process of purchasing of raw material, production, accounting and customer service.

The company should improve efficiency and performance management. The management team of every department should stick to the performance indicators set before and focus on the completion of business plan. After analyzing the business performance, department which doesn’t meet performance indictors should be able to adjust their plans and budgets in order to meet feasible performance goals. Every department should have their annual business plans and goals formulated by December 31.

The company should enhance its business management, reduce operating cost and build a good purchasing system.Through a series of management approaches such as improvements of procurement skill, production capacity and efficiency of capital asset, the company will be more competitive and profitable.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Wang pointed out that he was pleased with the performance of 2014 and had great confidence in the future development of the company. He believed that through a series of reforms, the “Charcoal Doctor” along with company ‘s other brands would gain more recognition from the market; and the company sale would achieve tremendous growth. Every member of the Tantech should be able to break the rules, be more positive and innovation and work together to achieve greater success.

After the meeting, General Manager Huajian Xu from Emerging Industry Department of Tantech hosted a training section on “how to be a good product manager”, about 30 employees attended the training.

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