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From July. 26 to July 27. 2015, the standard -setting group for renewable energy storage system of CIAPS held its first conference in ShenZhen, China; Tantech Holdings Ltd (Tantech) attended the conference as one of the first members.

After much debate, all members reached agreement to push forward the standard setting and publication for the energy storage industry by the end of 2015. The standard aimed to guide the future direction of the industry and to further improve the product safety and performance, as well as stability and profitability.

It was strongly believed that the publication of standard would lay a solid foundation for the healthy development of the industry. Tantech, as a rising star for the industry, presented its current situation and future strategies on the conference and joined the discussion on the mechanism, working scope of the standard setting group and exchanged thoughts on the job responsibility and timeline for the standard setting process.

More than 24 industry talents and experts from Huawei, BYD, TBEA, Shenzhen Comtop and CATL etc. attended the conference.

During the conference, Mr. Wangyin from Tantech had a thoroughly discussion with the CIAPS secretary Yanjun Liu and other industry experts. After the conference, many members have showed their interest on the project cooperation on related fields and were looking forward to launching new projects.

The CIAPS Conference was a mark for the development of China Energy storage industry. It proved Tantech was on the right track while also provided a chance for the future development of the company.

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