Tantech Holdings Ltd. Holds 2015 Board Meeting

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July. 14, 2015, Tantech Holdings Ltd. (TANH) convened its board meeting; all its directors attended the meeting, while some of its senior managements sit in. The meeting was chaired by CFO Frank Liang.

Chairman and CEO Zhengyu Wang delivered a work report regarding the operating results for the past year and strategic planning for the coming year.

During the meeting, all board directors affirmed the tremendous accomplishments of Tantech have made for the past year, especially in business development and innovation. The Board members then had a thorough discussion about work plans as well as other important topics. They expected that Tantech could be more actively engaged in Net Economy and the management team should keep on promoting the transformation and upgrading of Tantech.

The board directors also stated that they will continue to focus on the development of the company and provided more support as needed.

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