Tantech was reward for its remarkable growth

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On February.28, 2015, Tantech was rewarded for its remarkable growth in 2014 on the Annual Conference of Lishui Eco-Industry District. In the past year, Tantech has made a lot of progress and achieved growth and developments in many aspects under the support of local government and authorities. On the production side, advanced equipment was brought in to increase the capacity of the original product line. Production sites have carried out technical reforms to lower the production cost and to improve the efficiency. The whole product department has made significant effort in order to enhance the competitiveness and to develop new product to meet customer needs. On the marketing side, through the efforts of the sale teams, the market share continued to increase. The company’s sale network has a presence in major cities throughout of China. Our consumer products have been sold through many large chain stores and supermarkets such as RT-Mart, Lotus, CR Vanguard, Tesco, Carrefour, Yonghui Supermarket, Jiajia Yue and Denis. Bamboo Vinegar, Charcoal-based air purification products, EDLC carbon and other products have been sold to Japan, US, Korea, German, Italy, Iran, and other areas such as Taiwan and Hongkong.

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