The Enterprise Doctoral Workstation was established in Tantech

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On July.07, 2014, CTO Zaihua Chen attended a workshop for post-doctoral research and signed the program for Doctoral Workstation.

The establishment of Doctoral Station is a great attempt for Lishui City to attract and train high-level talents, to stimulate enterprise innovation and to commercialize technical findings. The establishment of workstation has to go through an application process. The enterprise tries to apply for workstation ought to have good financial status, close-relationship with collages and research institutions. The enterprise should have dedicated R&D talents and facilities and is able to carry out projects with great market prospect while also provide good research support and social welfare for PHD employees.

Tantech has recruited Dr. Chen Zaihua, who was graduated in Chiba University (Japan) as CTO and established a R&D team with 40 people to in charge of the development of new product and technology. The research team aims to apply exclusive technologies to accomplish the industrialization of EDLC carbon production and to beat foreign competitors.

Tantech has kept its focus on R&D effort and connection with research institutions for a long time. Tantech values technical innovations and commercialization of technical findings. At the same time, Tantech actively participate in fostering high-level technical personnel and providing better research and living environment for doctoral and post-doctoral employees in order to lay a solid foundation for future research work.

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