Stock Market Experienced Crash

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On October 12, the U.S. Stock Closing Analysis program of Chinesefn. com analyzed 3 main reasons of the U.S stock market crash ended up last Tuesday, and indicated that stock of Tantech Holdings Ltd (Nasdaq Code: TANH) has risen by 13.5% unexpectedly.

We can see that the shares opened low, there are several reasons according to my observation.

First, though the major stock indexes fell, the total trading volume was still steady. Trading volume was 810 million shares at New York Stock Exchange and 166.2 million shares at NASDAQ.

Secondly, AA releases financial information today and becomes the first corporation disclosing business performance in this week. Stock of AA dropped by $ 3.6 after share split, down by 11.42%. It doesn’t reach the expected performance no matter in revenue or in profit, which means profit of foreign public companies may not be as good as what we expect.

In addition, the oil price fell back. Goldman Sachs showed suspicion of Russia’s willingness to limit output. Thus, the oil price today is affected by both IEA report and Goldman Sachs’ suspicion. Besides, risen of U.S. dollars also affected oil price. That’s why the severely afflicted areas are health medical, material and finance.

However, there is one stock deserves to be introduced today, Tantech Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ Code: TANH) from Hangzhou, China. They have just made road shows in North America (USA and Canada). The stock has risen by 13.5% today even when the market was down.

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