Tantech Holdings Ltd. Strengthens Scientific Research to Improve Product Quality and Sales

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As domestic consumer market is gradually recovering in 2016, Tantech Holdings Ltd. has been taking active measures to expand market share through strengthening scientific research and completing product upgrading.

Currently, Tantech has announced that a new series of far infrared bamboo charcoal healthy bedding products, including bamboo charcoal fiber quilt, Ag+ infrared bamboo charcoal mattress and adjustable bamboo charcoal health care pillow, etc, have been developed.

As introduced by Tantech R&D engineering, these products are produced from high quality natural Moso bamboo through high temperature carbonization. Compared with previous products, the new products have better-developed micropore and superhigh specific surface area, which can release abundant highly-active negative ion, adsorb smelly gases produced by human body, protect and hydrate human skin and benefit human health. Far infrared wavelength produced by bamboo charcoal has the function of energy storage and heating, which improves warm keeping effect and comfortness. Ag+ carried on bamboo charcoal can effectively sterilize and kill acarus. R&D engineering further indicates that the raw material used in these new products has been approved by authorities such as National Environmental Products Quality Control, National infrared product Quality Control and Shanghai Chemical Testing Center.

Charcoal is a main feature of Tantech commodities and has been well-received in the market. The company attaches great importance to research and development and has built its own R&D center. Launching new products will help to increase sales volume of its household products.

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