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On October 12, Wechat official account of Wall Street Weekly, the only Chinese financial talk show in North America went online. In the Great Chance stock introducing session, the host Nanelle Tang invited a professional financial analyst Kingsley to make detailed comments and introduction on TANH stock, which had risen by more than 10% this week.

Nanelle Tang introduced that stock price of TANH was rising back steadily this week. We believe it is tied up to investors’ optimistic view towards future development of Tantech Holdings in NEV area. The TORNADO high-speed brush-less sweeper served the G20 Summit in Hangzhou China last month. Later,  E-motors developed new products. In 2016 Chinese New Energy Vehicles Power Battery Industrial Technology Development Summit Forum (the “Forum”) held at the end of September, E Motors provided six brand new electric buses being used as conference reception vehicles. Those electric buses gained unanimous favorable comments from all representatives, because the buses delivered environmentally friendly zero emission and provided a comfortable ride as well.

Nanelle Tang said that Tantech Holdings was accelerating the pace of industry transformation and upgrading as policies on NEVs became increasingly clear. In May 2016, Tantech has entered into a definite purchase agreement to acquire Suzhou E Motors, which connected the capital market and NEV industry and provided the company with a new development platform. Good news is that TANH stock price increased by more than 10 percent this week since investors were expecting the company’s performance in NEV area.

Kingsley made further analysis on Tantech’s development and stressed that TANH stock price dropped from $3.85 to $1.85 previously because they have just submitted F-3. However, stock price had risen back from $1.85 to $2, weekly risen by 10%. This showed the investors’ confidence in Tantech’ s development.

Kingsley indicated that E motors had abundant researching experience in power battery and NEVs, it owns 16 different models of vehicles and obtained more than 10 patents. In the Forum held last month, E motors provided six brand new electric buses as conference reception vehicles. Each bus could contain 34 passengers and the highest speed could reach 100 km/h.

Based on current situation, Kingsley said that Tantech Holdings had caught up with world developing trend. In USA, EV vehicles such as Tesla could use more than 2 special channels with a special mark on it. In Shanghai, you could save 70,000-80,000 CNY license plate fee with an EV car because of the limited licensing policy and NEV supporting policy. Obviously, both the Chinese and USA government highly support NEV industry.

Kingsley further indicated that Tantech Holdings was transferring from  bamboo-based charcoal product manufacturing industry to NEV industry. Last month, Tantech attended investors’ meeting in North America. Trading volume increased sharply after then. It showed that investors held an optimistic attitude towards development of electrical vehicles and Tantech Holdings. The market still held high expectation towards NEV since there were many companies producing pure EV or hybrid power vehicles, such as Audi and BMW. Kingsley concluded that as the government continued to support NEV, we held optimistic view towards Tantech entering NEV area and would keep paying attention on this potential stock.

Wall Street Weekly is the only Chinese Financial talk show program in North America which mainly introduces potential public companies after researching by professional analysts.

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