Zhengyu Wang Attened 2015 Global Leadership Forum

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August 27, 2015, Beijing, CHINA – Marcum Bernstein & Pinchuk LLP helds its 2015 Global Leadership Forum, more than 200 industrial leaders and experts attended the Forum.

This one-day event directly addressed the needs of Chairmen, CEOs, and CFOs of Chinese companies on the topics that have the greatest impact on their enterprises in a very rapidly changing market.

The forum was held in the form of panel discussions, Mr. Zhengyu wang, together with CFO Frank Zhao from WOWO Limited (NASDAQ:WOWO) and CEO Yu Long Zhu from Yulong Eco-Materials Ltd. (NASDAQ:YECO) were invited to be the speakers of IPO War Stories. During the panel discussion, they shared their inspiration and experience in the IPO process.

The forum aimed to create an atmosphere that senior leaders of Chinese public companies could share ideas openly and learn from selected experts and their peers. As the capital markets in China have proved to be extremely volatile in recent years, the forum could help participants to gain more insight and build valuable relationship.

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